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Perfect match shop


No. 1 in customer satisfaction rate No. 1 in repeat visit rate

+S-class manager promises to go to work the most

If you are on a business trip, use it once

    Perfect match for business trip massage 

 Korea's best dating service call service company


Safety and meeting are our top priority 

 It is a specialized company in each field of meeting service and Addin agency.  

Satisfaction with meeting is high thanks to long experience and accurate pre-up .


 We propose an effective and safe meeting based on a lot of operational experience.

Emphasizes the counselor's counseling skills and the sincere attitude of female members 


Reservation is not possible if the following conditions apply

*No-show, no caller ID and payphone*Excessive drinking, bad manners*


Customers who do not fall under any of the above are the best managers.
I promise to heal you ^^

Business trip shop | Perfect match shop

 Accurate business method and procedure of a verified mind

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